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iOS app成语纵横1.1版的简体版和繁体版都被approve了。1.1版主要是提高可用性(Usability)。在找成语时通过滑动手指找出成语,并能提供即时反馈。在玩填字游戏时,可沿某成语的方向滑动手指,调出该成语的提示。


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iOS app 成語縱橫

我把 Android 版成語縱橫 移植到 iOS,在iPhone和iPad上都可运行。 可从Apple app store 下载。

I’ve ported the Android app 成語縱橫 to iOS and it was published at Apple app store . It can run on both iPhone and iPad.

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I am learning iOS programming. After some research, I’ve basically decided to write my apps in Objective C++: writing my models (the M in MVC pattern) in pure C++ as long as possible and writing the UI in Objective C++. This is partially because I have C++ programming background and C++0x makes C++ programming more fun, and partially because it would be easier for me to port the models to other platform.

I will probably use NSString to handle strings, as I need to support Unicode and wchar_t in iOS is 4 bytes, which might make it less-efficient to convert between NSString and std::wstring.

I will write the models as static libraries using separate Xcode projects.

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